5 HTML5 Admin Panel For Newbie Programmer

Hi guys, today I would like to share 10 HTML5 Admin Panel that I believe is the easiest to get started for low programming background. It is true that Admin Panel might sound scarier than it looks as it might require a lot of programming experience. But believe me, it will be as easy as copy and paste. Check it out below.

1. AdminLTE

AdminLTE Preview

One of the mostly used HTML5 Admin Panel by Colorlib due to its simple and free to start. There are also multiple features and pages to get started. Check the demo and find out why.

Demo | Download

2. ArchitectUI

ArchitectUI Preview

Another highly creative design by DashboardPack. This is a HTML5 Admin Panel for you to get started easily.

Demo | Download

3. Gentelella

Gentelella Preview

One of the most complete HTML5 Admin Panel Template for you is Gentelella. It is relatively easy to deploy and edit for minimum programming experience.

Demo | Download

4. Darkboard

Darkboard Preview

Another feature rich HTML5 Admin Panel, for someone who do not like to get his/her eye hurt by looking at bright panel for long time, Darkboard could be your choice.

Demo | Download

5. Matrix

Matrix Preview

Simple, yet powerful features within Matrix HTML5 Admin Panel could be your mate in creating HTML5 Admin Panel. Check it out!

Demo | Download

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