Ignite. Integrate. Shape Singapore

In this age of disruption, tension and uncertainties lurk. The crisis before us is not to be faced alone. We at Ignite Integrate Shape (IIS) look beyond resilience, it is no better time to come together in a safe and supported environment, leverage the power of collective wisdom for a more cohesive society. Sowing of… Continue reading Ignite. Integrate. Shape Singapore

5 HTML5 Admin Panel For Newbie Programmer

Hi guys, today I would like to share 10 HTML5 Admin Panel that I believe is the easiest to get started for low programming background. It is true that Admin Panel might sound scarier than it looks as it might require a lot of programming experience. But believe me, it will be as easy as… Continue reading 5 HTML5 Admin Panel For Newbie Programmer

Learning Japanese through Duolingo

I started to get interested into Japanese Culture since my first experience to watch Anime (Japanese Cartoon). It brought me into a whole new level of cartoon experiences. Talking about Japanese Language, I found that they also adopt Chinese written Language, but with different way of pronunciation. I found out that we can actually learn… Continue reading Learning Japanese through Duolingo

Tommy Hartono First Post

Warm welcome for everyone who visiting my personal site. My name is Tommy Hartono from Indonesia. I loved to share what I found around the world. I will keep this site updated while I am not busy. See ya!

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